5 Steps to Flawless

1) Prepare Your Skin: Exfoliate using a water based scrub! Any scrub that contains oil will inhibit
the tan from sticking to your skin... we recommend the Bora Bora Body Polish by South Seas.

2) Remove: All makeup, deodorant and lotions from the skin prior to getting your airbrush tan! Make sure your skin is dry and your body temperature is cool.

3) Donít Forget: You must wait 6-10 hours before taking a shower after your tan is applied. During this time period you must wear loose, comfortable, dark clothing and refrain from sweating.

4) Moisturize: Moisturizing twice a day is the most important part of keeping your airbrush tan looking great! Pick up a bottle of Moorea Moisturizer - 100% Natural and Paraben Free!

5) Extend: Pat don'rub when drying after a shower. Extend the life of your tan by using tan extender or touch up spray. Works great after exposure to chlorine or just to keep your tan vibrant and healthy looking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I look orange?

Absolutely not. The airbrush solution that Pacific Tan uses is the most advanced on the market and provides perfect color. You will not be able to distinguish between an airbrush tan and a "real" tan.

How does airbrush tanning work?

The airbrush tanning solution contains the active ingredient DHA, which is found in the majority of sunless tanning products. DHA is a sugar based product which reacts with amino acids in the uppermost layer of the skin and causes it to turn brown.

How quickly does my tan develop?

You will see some results immediately and a good tan approximately 2 hours after your session. In most cases, the best color is achieved about 24-48 hours after your session.

How long does my tan last?

Your tan will last approximately 7-10 days; 10 days if you follow our "5 Steps to Flawless" tips below.

How long does an airbrush session take?

Our highly trained and experienced staff can apply a full body tan in under 2 minutes. Drying time is less than 5 minutes.

Is an airbrush tan safe?

An airbrush tan is completely safe. Our tanning solution is free of harsh chemicals and contains only water, aloe vera and DHA sugars, the ingredient which turns the skin brown and has been safely used in sunless tanning products for over 35 years.

Does an airbrush tan protect my skin from sunburn?

An airbrush tan provides NO sun protection.

Do I have to be nude?

That is your choice. Our airbrush artists are extremely professional but modesty garments are provided or you can wear an old bathing suit. Men are required to wear a garment.

Does an airbrush tan smell unpleasant?

Unlike self tanners or spray booths, our airbrush solution has a pleasant Cucumber Melon scent.

Can there be an allergic reaction to airbrush tanning?

Yes, a very small number of people are allergic to DHA and will develop a temporary rash if any substance containing DHA is applied to their skin.

Does airbrush tanning stain clothing?

The coloring agent in the bronzing lotion may occasionally rub off on clothes. The solution is a water-based product and can be easily washed out of clothing or bedding. This will not occur after your first shower.