Garden of Eden

Garden of Eden is a 15 minute customized tanning session that will tan you six times faster than a conventional bed. Eden is a bed and theme room that will transport you to magical world of beauty.


This 12 minute high pressure tanning bed filters out UVB rays reducing them to almost zero. At 36,000 watts, the Nautilus is the strongest of all high pressure beds leaving with you a deeper, longer lasting bronze glow.


This 20 minute high pressure bed reduces UVB exposure to almost zero. The Shangri-La will tan you five times faster than a traditional high speed tanning bed.

The Grand Lounge

This 12 minute high speed bed will tan you 4 times faster than a conventional bed. Using top of the line tanning lamps you will see golden color in a matter of a couple sessions.


This 12 minute high speed bed will tan you three times faster and is specially designed for anyone who may be claustrophobic in a conventional bed. With its reflector technology, your head sits comfortably outside of the bed while continuing to provide an even fully-body glow.

Beach House

The Beach House is a 12 minute high speed bed which tans twice as fast as any conventional bed will.


This condensed 9 minute tanning session, this conventional bed will have you in and out in no time while providing a full body tan.